Got My Own Chanel.

Got My Own Chanel.

Friday, December 11, 2009

ghd: O where art thou?

This close (imagine two fingers an inch apart) to chopping off my mane. Without a straightener this mop is just that. A mop. A wild beast that disagrees with being washed in a bucket twice a week if it's lucky.

Not many realise what we take for granted. (Don't have a winge, and say 'Just another self obsessed teenager trying to enlighten us on these little things we never appreciate.') Just hear me out. It is illegal for men not to wear helmets on motorbikes, yet it is legal for women. Sorry, right, I forgot our brains weren't as valuable. I have never been a feminist and I am beginning to feel like Kate Shephard, new and improved version. The water here has such high levels of DTS pesticide and metals that drinking it over a prolonged period of time can easily result in infertility and child defects, as well as upping your stakes for cancer. To boil it is not enough, it also must be filtered. Though I, value my baby maker enough that I will only drink bottled. There are power cuts everyday here from ten in the morning till at least two in the afternoon. There is no such thing as hot water out of a tap. Get real. As mentioned in an earlier post a shower here consists of a bucket and a jug containing the water you manually collected from the pump outside and manually heated with the heating rod, that will just casually electrocute you to death if you make the fatal mistake of testing the temperature of the water while it is still in there..turned ON. Dishes get washed with a constant trickle of water coming out of the tap. There are so many flies around while I write outside that I have given up brushing them off. So I look dark even if I haven't gotten a tan from my constant fly- blanket. Thanks guys.
My, I shall be more than happy to do dishes in hot water with detergent and a tea towel to dry them once I get home. My f***ing pleasure.

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