Got My Own Chanel.

Got My Own Chanel.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old Women

Sitting in B4 lounge at Changi Airport waiting to get on my plane home, listening to two old ladies and thinking I hope I have something far more intruiging than this to talk about when I’m ancient. I think growing up and living in a small country is hard. It makes you think na├»ve and seem insignificant to an extent. I am happy to have travelled- 8I have seen what I am missing out on; or not so much.
Back to geriatrics; Ines and I shall grow old and talk about just the same things we do today. Love life or lack there of, drinking (a little too hard) and how the fuck we are going to make a difference on this world before we depart. Excuse the pun- in terms of the circumstances, ha! Little do we realize that we aren’t so insignificant and small in the big scheme of it all. We will start some kind of frightfully intelligent and resourceful business and be the next big name. Watch this space. Now and always.


Exciting day. Isn’t it funny what excites us? I think so. Seeing Sebastian and Valerie whilst talking on the phone and walking down Riccarton road was exciting, waiting 51 minutes to eat my sushi was not but now I’m just hangin’ out for it; here goes. Mmmm so good because for once it isn’t that mashed chicken cat food SHIT. I am getting my hair done copper tomoz excitement centraaaaaaal. I am waiting for Jacq to come into the library as well as put snaps up from Saturday night. I am missing hanging out with Scut and I was going to email this to him but then I saw him and after raping his phone with a million texts I thought I ought not to, will tell him instead. The ladies in Mr Snips in UCSA never get any customers and they are all fat, probably because they just sit there because….they have NO CUSTOMERS. The chicken in this sushi is quite sweet. Interesting. Not really, humble apologies. The shoot for Synergy sounds effing cool, they have a choice tangerine dress for me, it is my colour boo yah! And the bikini shoots will be like, sex on legs HELLO. I am excited even about going to training and dryland today, what the hell is wrong with me. I am not excited about going to work tomorrow night nor training tomorrow morning. I HAVE never appreciated getting up at 5.30am YUCK. But that’s tomorrow and this is today so peace!
p.s purple Powerade is overrated! But purple isn't.