Got My Own Chanel.

Got My Own Chanel.

Friday, December 16, 2011


The snippets of lives we get let in on accidentally is a continually funny, odd, bewildering and quite-by-chance thing. From what people are wearing tonight, to how VCE went, holiday plans, and relationship woes, it is surprising how much you find out about a complete stranger, accidentally.
Public transport gives most of us this privilege..
It is fairly odd what you end up knowing about someone that you don't know from a grain of salt. And it's even stranger knowing that some of those things wouldn't even be told to those whom they do know.
It makes you think about the conclusions you draw from the little/lot of information you get from them. I suppose it all depends on context. Context is a largely important part of any piece if information you get. But if you don't get context with information you're hearing it's like reading a novel from the middle to the back to the front and back to the middle again; you can get a fair idea of what someone's trying to get at but some things just don't quite add up the way they would have if you started at the beginning.

I usually tend to wonder when I come across the snippets just what the other people around me are thinking too. Maybe they're thinking what i'm thinking. Maybe the'yre not. They might not care. And the MX is fairly interesting, so that becomes a factor I suppose.
In wondering all of that I then ponder how people sum each other up depending at what stage in life they have met. That person on the train being short with their child might be having a shit day, and everyday aside from this one they would win the world's best parenting competition. So you judge them on how they are exactly when you hear them or see them, which might actually turn out to be a completely warped view but you are left with it because it's what you saw. Or maybe they are an impatient person and today is the like any other day.
You'll never really know. But it gets interesting when you turn the whole theory back around on yourself and think about that.

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