Got My Own Chanel.

Got My Own Chanel.

Friday, December 16, 2011


After much thought and battle with the word judgement, I've decided the word has a bad conatation that lives alongside it. In fact it is the one getting judged.
Many people seem to be scared of being judged. Scared that how they are judged might define them. Easy to forget you have a say in the matter yourself.
What's also forgotten is the good words, the compliments and the praises are also judgements, and these are worthy of memory. Alas! (Shakespeare moment) Humans remember what upsets them more than what makes them happy, at times.
And people can say they don't judge until the cows come home; but they do. And that doesn't always have to be seen as such a bad thing, in the end it's just one's opinion isn't it?

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JHJackson said...

Have you considered the fact that judgement stems from paradigms created by communities or groups of people? There is no doubt we subject ourselves to the negative aspects that surround the word without comprehending the positive meaning, but in fact these feelings are normally derived from judgement made by people before us. We are just following suit because mankind is full of sheep. In that sense who are we to judge at all?

I suppose its easy to come to conclusions about the issue, but if not for some form of judgement we'd all be replicas of each other leaving no room for dispute. On the upside the world would be void of conflict, so its the extent to which we harness our judgement, whether we accept it as a human trait or just upright refuse too. I think its the ability to accept that people are different but still be analytical (a safe word) of them that makes us human. Buddhist monks have found a way of numbing the urge to judge by separting themselves from the materialism we indulge in on a daily basis, and it that sense judgement can only be truly abolished by changing the way we live all together. They too are human and have wants and needs like everyone else. Only by removing those wants can they truly live free of judgement.

Thats a completely different topic though...