Got My Own Chanel.

Got My Own Chanel.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jiminy Cricket

I've cashed in on too many advantages.
I've listened to Jiminy Cricket when it suits.
I've wasted $80 to get somewhere 5 minutes faster.
I've procrastinated too much.
I've tried to change those who shant.
I've yelled at my parents when it is them who are there night after night.
I've made excuses to justify the inexcusable.
I've wasted my money on too much shit (but tantalising) American food.
I've become too good at being impulsive.
I've said too much hastily.
I've been too stubborn.
I've preached what I haven't always practised.
I've been vexed inasmuch of not being a better person.
So this is the last time will have to write of this because I wont do it no more.

Errr, money on the shit (but tantalising) American food might slip. But I think I can deal.

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