Got My Own Chanel.

Got My Own Chanel.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The eye of the beholder.

When the world keeps spinning, and you think about how it does; scientifically, metaphorically, personally, how do you comprehend it all? What do we chose to comprehend and how? I often wonder why I think what I do. And then find myself thinking about what I think about. Bewildering.
Why is it certain things that touch you and others that get looked past or not looked at at all.
Do we look at things with a cynic's fate or a dreamer's destiny?
Or do we not look that far, scared of what we might realise? Worried that if we see it now chance might not play its role. Like writing on a keyboard and even when you backspace you still remember what you saw.
And in life not all actions have a reaction. Because both unlike and like science, there are too many catalysts that speed things up. And there are too many reactions that find themselves deterred.
Some things come, others go. Some things forgotten, others not.
In the beauty of something a portion of the credit always belongs to the eyes that it is being seen through.


Nick said...

Is this all your own work Nic? It's awesome man

Nicola Collie said...

Oui oui it is! Thanks so much, i'm glad its drawn even one pair of eyes to linger on it. What's your blog address?