Got My Own Chanel.

Got My Own Chanel.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Einstein said time and space were as one which makes spacetime exist in a four dimensional world. Haven't quite grasped that. I don't really know if time exists as anything other than a man-made theory which exists to keep things relevant and in order. What exists is moments of order; nows. The only way time is detectable is between the relationships things have to each other, rather than absolute time; in which Einstein proved Newton was wrong anyway- through relativity. It's quite astonishing that a clock on the wall or a watch on one's wrist or merely devices that keep order. The most accurate time isn't even measured through ticking, but instead by measuring the isolations of super-cooled atoms which keeps time within one second to every 3.7 billion years. Very accurate.

The above is all research and factual information. (Probably fairly obvious unless you think I'm studying Quantum Physics at university.) This information does however allow the realisation of just how complex time is. In life I suppose this sort of information isn't usually very relevant. It won't change the order in which things happen or the schedule we run to. And it won't change the control that time has over us entirely. It appears that time has a grip that assumes our age, emotions, bodies, and relevance in life.
While that all sounds as if time has quite a choke hold on us it also gives everything relevance.
With time passed memories either fade or stay, people come and go and experiences become plentiful.

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