Got My Own Chanel.

Got My Own Chanel.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I don't.

Modelling bridal wear. Makes you think.
Is a wedding really just the same as a runway show? You have a straight line to walk, an audience to impress, and a nervous smile that shakes.
Do the people watching you realise a wedding is the start of a marriage or just a day to look pretty and sip Moet?
Does anybody really remember that a marriage isn't a transaction, signed sealed and delivered by a wedding?
Does all romance go out the window?
Are we just a society who like the look but don't care for the work?

I can't help but think, as I am painted with pink lips, taught how to hold a boquet appropriately, plastered with hairspray, and told I am not smiling enough as I totter down the runway, even in the love drenched audience watching me, that perhaps they are more in love with the dress. Or the ring. The cake, or the car. The honeymoon, or whatever sparkles.

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