Got My Own Chanel.

Got My Own Chanel.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What about do's?

To the woman taking our tutorial.
It was like being back in school again! I didn't know whether to hate it or love it.
"Would you like to share the joke?"
"Uhhh it wasn't really a joke..."
"Good then be quiet and LISTEN TO ME."
Then there was silence. Then giggles in my head, for I was too afraid of this little leprachaun woman to possibly make them physically heard.
So most of what we got for the hour was "don'ts." Positive Priscilla she was feeling today. My, I would not want to upset her, not with the likes of grammatical errors, non Harvard style citing, nor over use of commas. Guilty as charged.
What did we take out of that tut?
A gazillion donts.
But hang on, no wait.
What do we do?

(p.s both of those 'do's' would have been italicized if I could figure out just how to do it. So you should just imagne they are when you read it for extra effect. PLUS this was also a good excuse to use my on going obsession with brackets.)

This IS also the 6th time I have to edit this in order for it to make sense. OCD much? Jesus. (Christ Superstar!)

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